Boiler Installations

If you boiler is getting old and inefficient, then don’t wait for it to break down. We can offer a fast clean service in replacing your boiler with a wide range of manufactures and types.

Boiler Repairs & Breakdowns

We offer a boiler breakdown service with our aim to get one of our engineers to you as soon as possible to resolve. If your heating and hot water is not working or doing what’s expected then our highly trained engineers will diagnose and repair as quickly as possible.


Like anything mechanical boilers need to be serviced regularly. We offer annual boiler servicing to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently through out the year


West Berkshire is a notoriously hard water area and your hot water cylinder is like a giant kettle, when it heats up it solidifies and scales up and over time this builds up on the elements inside making it slower to heat up and making the boiler work harder, over time the cylinder will fail. We offer a full range of cylinders both vented and unvented to suit your requirements.

General Plumbing

From taps to toilets to sinks to basins we cover the whole lot, so if you have a drippy tap or a constantly running toilet we can sort these out for you.

Landlord Services

We offer a full comprehensive service for landlords, we can do the annual boiler inspection and Land Lord Safety certification for all gas appliances, toilet and tap replacement, bathroom and kitchen refurbishments.